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The Royal Network business model is diverse.  You can be a retail customer, or get up to 50% in savings immediately by purchasing a wholesale Membership for just $25.  The membership saves you hundreds of dollars off the product and services we offer. Its a great value and a huge savings!

We also offer a real business opportunity for those who are looking to market products we offer.  After 2 referrals, you are invited to become an Affiliate for just $25.  As an Affiliate you get to share in the revenue as you sell some the products you love at Royal!

With Royal, you always have a choice how you want to participate.

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Royalty is Worldwide

We at The Royal Network have a radical viewpoint that although we may not have traditional royal blood, we claim the title for self empowerment purposes.

Royal Leadership Team

The Royal Leadership Team is comprised of Serial Entrepreneurs with backgrounds from various traditional and nontraditional industries. They are creative, artsy, mathematical, financial, self-empowered, supportive and want to pass on the personal and business knowledge they have gained after hitting the highest levels in their fields.  They are driven to educate, motivate, support and empower members.

Get to know our Royal Leadership Team on company calls, webinars and social media as they definitely want to get to know you.

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